SMART Wiring – Home Networking

smartwiringA smart wired home network allows the home owner to enjoy the benefits of sharing all the home essential digital services throughout the house to any room of their choice:

  • Computer Networking
  • High Speed Internet
  • Printer Sharing
  • Digital Telephone
  • Digital TV and Web TV
  • Broadband or Satellite TV and Internet
  • Free To Air TV
  • Set Top Box
  • Internet
  • Phone
  • Fax
  • DVD Player / VCR
  • Printer/Scanners/Peripherals
  • Computers
  • Security Cameras
  • CCTV

By adding C-Bus wireless the home owner can even have the ability of remote control for all audio visual equipment from other rooms to change channels, fast forward, rewind or pause.

C-Bus a microprocessor-based control and management system allows the home owner to control lighting and other electrical services such as pumps, audio visual devices, motors etc. with a simple ON/OFF control of a lighting circuit. C-Bus can be used to easily control virtually any type of electrical load.

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